Check.GATE.Rank : Get The Most Accurate Results

Can’t wait to get your GATE exam results? Waiting period is very tough for each aspirant, as many questions arises related to performance into GATE examination. It’s good to think ahead & utilize this waiting period to plan your professional/educational choice ahead.

Use our GATE Rank and Score predictor to get accurate prediction of results and scope of your performance into PSUs or M.Tech admission or Research field.

When you use Check GATE Rank (CGR), you will not need to worry about your or topper’s performance. Get complete analysis of question paper with overall applicants performance chart.

We help you out with all possible information that you might need to know about scope of GATE score.

Why CGR is the best GATE Rank Predictor?

CGR has been the best web tool for checking the ranks and score for the last few years in GATE examination of engineering papers like Chemical, Civil, Computer Science, Electrical, Electronics, instrumentation, Mechanical engineering.

It has been helping the students appearing for the GATE to find out the accurate estimation of scores of the exam they attempted.

We have a database of over 1,96,000+ registered users and that helps the students in getting the very best estimation that they can before the official results come out.

Services Available on CGR

  • Individual performance reports like Marks out 100, Accuracy Level, GATE Score, All India Rank.
  • When you provide the GOAPS-Response sheet url/link released by GATE organizer at this portal, this portal compile all your responses against each question and generate your results based on the correct answer feed by our experts.
  • This tool helps you to configure the performance of rest students on a single click. Check Gate Rank predictor provide you real-time analysis of all the records submitted by end user to this portal.
  • Every individual can access the response sheet of other students without sharing any personal information.
  • The predicted All India Rank (AIR) may vary with actual results as it is based on the database available to this portal on real-time.
  • Post-GATE Interview practice session will be arranged as per your GATE Score.
  • Discussion & Sharing of technical questionnaires along with detail GATE solutions.

Why Should You Use CGR?

GATE exams often happen in the month of February. And it often happens that the students have to wait for more than thirty to forty-five days before they get their outcome of the exam.

Students could utilize this time to make plans for their future and come to a decision about their career. When we say future we mean what jobs you would want to try for or what further studies you would want to pursue.

Now, if you, as a student, knew what your score is going to be then you could plan about what options can be available to you.

The GATE rank predictor / GATE rank estimator help to utilize time after the examination and before results i.e 22nd March every year.

If you get an estimation about your standing amongst all the students before the official results, it gives you the advantage to think of the way that you want to utilize your time and do what is best for you.

If in the unfortunate event that you do not score enough to get your desired PSUs job or your desired seat into IITs/IISc Bangalore for further studies.

GATE rank predictor will help you in giving you an edge over the other students if you decide to give another attempt for the GATE exams in the following year.

What does CGR do?

  • The GATE rank predictor, estimator and calculator helps you determine your marks in the exam.
  • With the help of CGR, you can get your score as well as your projected All India Rank (AIR).

More entries of student’s data help us to maintain an accurate estimations of score.

  • You can know which student has scored the highest marks.
  • You can get the information about the accuracy of your results.

With our GATE rank predictor, you will get an estimation of a number of things.

  • The various PSUs jobs you can expect based on your score.
  • You can predict the institutions for M.Tech or Research based on your score.
  • Help you to prepare for interviews and other difficulties that you might face after GATE result.

How does it CGR work?

For the GATE Rank Prediction/Calculation, we analyse all the answer sheets submitted by the thousands of students and their respective question papers.

To avail the GATE rank predictor’s services, you only need to follow certain simple steps:

  1. Register on our website (
  2. Upload your GOAPS-Response sheet issued on website
  3. Go through your result analysis and get a clear estimation.

As we have a huge user database, the results that you will get are going to be very accurate.

The higher the number of users, the more will the accuracy be. And we provide a greater user base than any other sites that give GATE result prediction.

We provide a team of renowned GATE mentors and analysts to update correct answers into database with great expertise. These mentors have an experience of more than 10 years and have been rankers in the past of the GATE examination.

  • GATE mentors as admins to this portal having more than 10 years of experience.
  • 1,96,000+ users base response sheet and their score for clear computation.
  • Very accurate results and rank estimation to help you plan for the future accordingly
  • Real-time estimation of your results based on GOAPS response sheet.
  • Various types of analysis like average marking, Question vs Correct or Wrong attempt/Un-attempt count, Highest marks and session-wise analysis for Normalized score.