What does GATE Rank Predictor / Calculator do?

GATE Rank Predictor or GATE Rank Estimator or GATE Rank Calculator at CheckGateRank.com gives you a precise score based on your response sheet. It compare your responses with correct solutions or answer key by using various algorithms.

How GATE Rank Predictor works?

GATE Rank predictor is a web tool which compare each response of an individual with correct answer key/solutions.

As many students submit their response sheet to check their score, a huge database is created which helps to calculate precise or approximate results like

Expected Cut-off marks : Based on average marks out of 100.

Highest Marks : Web tool generate the marks vs rank as per available database. These keeps on varying on each new response submission.

AIR-All India Rank : It is generated with available marks into database, as multiple response sheet is calculated and compared who is getting highest marks into particular stream.

How to use the GATE Rank 2021-22 Predictor tool :

  1. Register yourself with Valid Mobile & Email Id at www.checkgaterank.com
  2. Upload / Paste your GATE Response Sheet URL/Link generated by GOAPS (GATE Online Application Processing System)
  3. Submit only Valid URL of response sheet and wait for a moment to process it.
  4. SAMPLE GOAPS Response-sheet URL/LINK -https://cdn.digialm.com//per/g01/pub/585/touchstone/AssessmentQPH.............4S3D2840E1.html

Compare Your Score vs Topper Score

  • Question Count ( Your vs Topper ) : Correct Answered , Wrong Answered, Un-Attempted
  • Accuracy Level ( Your vs Topper )
  • Know which questions were Tough and solved by Least students.
  • Know which questions were solved by maximum students with correct/incorrect answer.
  • Know your complete score before actual GATE Result declared. It will help you to plan your goals in a better ways and one can plan another strategies for upcoming opportunities.

How will my marks be calculated before the release of GATE answer keys?

To calculate your marks into GATE papers, you need correct answer/keys of all 65 Questions.

If you compare your response or answer of each question with correct answer, then calculate ( Marks secured for correct Answered ) – ( Penalty / Negative Marks secured for Incorrect Answered ) = Your marks out of 100

Note :
  • One can secure marks by giving correct answer to MCQ, MSQ, NAT-Exact, NAT-Range type questions.
  • There is No Negative marking for Un-attempt.
  • There is No Negative marking for NAT-Exact, NAT-Range type questions.
  • There is NO negative marking for a wrong answer in MSQ questions.
GATE Marking Scheme.
  • For 1-mark MCQ-multiple-choice questions, 1/3 marks will be deducted for a wrong answer.
  • For 2-marks MCQ-multiple-choice questions, 2/3 marks will be deducted for a wrong answer.

SPECIAL MARKING SCHEME : When some questions having incomplete data or given options are not suitable or any such errors, is subjected to be CHALLENGED after GATE examination. On investigation by GATE organiser , they allot MARKS to ALL for such question or questions.

Student who attempt such questions are eligible to avail this special marking scheme.

How is the qualifying cut off marks decided in this GATE 2021-22 Rank Predictor ?

Every examinations have a minimum qualifying eligibility and these marks are estimated after calculation of each results. Generally GATE Cut-off marks vary from 34-38, but as overall paper difficulty level keeps on changing and this may go upto 47.

  • GATE Rank Predictor is already loaded with past year data, which helps to estimate average marks secured by students out of 100.
  • Calculation / Algorithms works with current year response sheet to calculate the marks, which is feed by technical experts of GATE rank Predictor.
  • Normally 18-22% students qualify each year for GATE examination.
  • Cut-off Marks vary into each branches/stream.

What is the difference between rank in my set and overall rank ?

Difficulty level of each set is different into GATE examinations, although GATE organizers tried to make it balance.

As per recent analysis of GATE paper ( Civil, Mechanical ) , few questions are easier in one session and tough in another. One can expect a better rank in anyone, but Rank or marks secured in his/her session is normalised with other session to give a common marking. It slightly affects All India Rank of few students

Other branches like CH, CS, EE, EC, BT, PH etc. have generally one paper only.

A total of 1,96,000 candidates have registred on this rank predictor portal.

Check GATE Rank Predictor provides performance and statistical data from GATE-2018, GATE-2019, GATE-2020 examinations provided here for the candidates to make a self-assessment of the examination. GATE-2021 statistical data are under progress till availability of question papers/response sheet.

This Rank Predictor results do not provide you the same results as in GATE, it is an approximation based on your scores and available data with GATE Rank Predictor. checkgaterank.com

If maximum students will submit their response and the results will be more accurate, so we request you all to submit it immediately after release of GATE response sheet.

Why is my rank changing each time when I am checking ?

Rank generated by GATE Rank predictor is based on real time available data count. It means New data keeps on adding and results are generated accordingly.

Let’s assume total available data is 1000 at the moment you registered, so your results is generated and compared with various factors of cutoff and highest, average, lowest marks among 1000 data.

As new users are coming at each moments and hence their results are also added into database and comparative results keeps on changing.

What will Not Change?

Your Marks out of 100 will remain SAME, as your answer keys are matched and it is same.

Your All India Rank will vary due to new entries.

Which GATE Rank Predictor/Calculator is more accurate?

Accuracy of results is based on below factors :

  1. Correct comparison of each Answer-Keys
  2. Actual marking calculations for MCQ, MSQ, NAT
  3. Maximum / Highest response sheet submitted by students

If more students will register/submit their response sheet of GOAPS, then Web tool will calculate and generate more accurate results.

In recent years CheckGateRank.com maintains highest accuracy just because of highest registrations of students. As it provide real time graphical results so students get better analysis reports.

What is the guarantee that my GATE rank will be same to this calculated rank by GATE 2021-22 Rank Predictor?

No GATE Rank Predictor will claim 100% match with real Result, its just an approximation which is based on available data count at the server.

Sometimes the results may vary due to low inputs in registration of GOAPS-Response sheet entries.

Normally Rank variations are +/-10 which is quite understood and acceptable among students, they get an ideas who is getting highest marks and how many students scoring above 65 marks, 75 marks, average scores etc. which help them to prepare for next level exams.